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CarbonCred offers the easiest, low-effort solution for businesses, their employees, and consumers to offset tons of carbon emissions locally and around the world each year.
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How Does CarbonCred Work?


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What We Do: CarbonCred only sources large supplies of carbon offsets from the most high- quality carbon removal projects throughout the US and around the world.
Who We Help: Our core mission is to help the citizens of the world get as close to carbon neutral as possible and to create a more sustainable climate and future for all of us. We aim to do this by making it very easy for businesses, families, individuals, and farmers to quickly offset their carbon emissions with minimal time and effort.
How We Help: By investing in sustainable carbon removal projects through the purchase of carbon offsets issued to CarbonCred from our network of solar, wind, hemp, and biomass farms – businesses, families, individuals, and farmers can very affordably offset many dozens to many millions of tons of carbon emissions every single year with a few minutes of effort.

Why Buy Carbon Offsets?

Buying carbon offsets allows individuals or businesses to offset their own carbon emissions. This is often done as part of a broader sustainability or corporate social responsibility strategy to mitigate the environmental impact of their daily activities.
The funds generated from the sale of carbon offsets are invested into carbon removal projects that reduce or capture greenhouse gas emissions. This can include renewable energy projects (such as wind, solar, or hemp and biomass farms), reforestation initiatives, or methane capture projects. It’s the easiest way for the world to get as close to going carbon neutral as possible without breaking the bank.