About CarbonCred

Go Carbon Neutral the Easy Way
CarbonCred is a climate-focused online marketplace that helps people around the world easily take control their carbon offsets and drastically reduce their carbon footprint, simply by purchasing carbon offsets from carbon removal projects on our platform.

We source supply of carbon offsets from only top-rated carbon removal projects in the US and around the world, so consumers, businesses and their employees can quickly and easily offset their carbon emissions by purchasing carbon offsets from highly reputable solar, wind, biomass, and oil & gas carbon offset projects.

CarbonCred does this by actively engaging with farmers, landowners, and other organizations to help guide them through the process of certifying and minting carbon credits. Included in our concierge-level service is the management of the registration and tracking requirements through the life of the carbon offset.

At CarbonCred, we are on a mission to empower businesses, families, and individuals to take tangible and impactful steps towards a sustainable future. Our online marketplace is not just a carbon offsets platform; it's a commitment to a greener planet, one carbon offset at a time.

Our Big Vision

In a world where climate change poses an imminent threat to global societies, CarbonCred envisions a future where every action, big or small, contributes to healing our planet. We believe in the power of collective responsibility, and that's why we've crafted an innovative solution to make carbon offsetting accessible, easy, and affordable for everyone.

What Sets CarbonCred Apart

CarbonCred stands out as a beacon of hope in the fight against climate change. Unlike traditional approaches to carbon offsetting, we have simplified the process by offering a user-friendly online marketplace. Say goodbye to the many complex calculations and confusing jargon - our carbon offsets platform makes it super easy for you to purchase carbon offsets from reputable suppliers and offset your carbon emissions effortlessly.

How CarbonCred Works

With CarbonCred, you can make a positive impact in three simple steps:

We Supply Carbon Offsets: CarbonCred sources carbon credits available to be purchased through our platform from only top-rated carbon removal projects in the US and around the world. From solar, wind, and hemp/biomass farms, to oil & gas capping projects, and others.

You Purchase Carbon Offsets: Opt for a straightforward monthly carbon offsets subscription plan that suits your needs. Our carbon offset plans are designed to be simple, straightforward, and affordable - ensuring that sustainability is within reach for everyone.

Together, We Go Carbon Neutral: Watch as your carbon offsets subscription contributes to verified carbon removal projects, offsetting your carbon emissions and significantly lowering your carbon footprint with others all over the world. 

Why Choose CarbonCred?

We believe in transparency at every step. Our carbon offsets platform provides detailed information about each of the carbon removal projects you can support, giving you peace of mind that your small contributions are making a real and tangible difference.

Accessibility: CarbonCred is for everyone. Whether you're a small or very large business, a family, or an individual, our monthly carbon offset subscription plans are designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle while making a meaningful impact.

Innovation: We're not just an online marketplace; we're a hub of innovation. Our team is dedicated to finding new ways to make sustainable living accessible, engaging, and rewarding - one carbon offset at a time.

Join the CarbonCred Movement

By choosing CarbonCred to purchase carbon offsets, you're not just offsetting your carbon emissions; you're joining a global movement. A movement towards a brave new world where sustainability is not a choice but a way of life.

Join CarbonCred and be a part of the solution for a better, more sustainable world. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you capitalize your carbon offsets.